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Sep 22, 2021
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Introduction to Sienna Pacific's Fabric Glue Collection

Welcome to Sienna Pacific, your go-to destination for high-quality fabric glue for patches. As part of M & C Initiative Media Group, a trusted provider of business and consumer services in marketing and advertising, we understand the importance of using reliable and durable glue for your patch attachment needs. Our wide range of fabric glues ensures that you find the perfect adhesive solution tailored to your requirements.

Why Choose Sienna Pacific's Fabric Glue for Patches

When it comes to attaching patches, the right fabric glue plays a vital role in achieving a secure and long-lasting bond. Sienna Pacific's fabric glue collection offers numerous benefits that make it the perfect choice for all your patching needs:

  • Durability: Our fabric glues are specially formulated to withstand various conditions, ensuring your patches stay in place even in challenging environments.
  • Flexibility: With our fabric glue, you can attach patches to a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, denim, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Our fabric glues feature convenient application methods, allowing for precise and mess-free bonding.
  • Quick Drying: Speed up your patch attachment process with our fast-drying fabric glues, saving you valuable time.
  • Long-Lasting Hold: Our adhesives provide a strong bond that ensures your patches stay firmly attached, even with regular use and washing.

Discover Our Top 12 Fabric Glue Products for Patch Attachment

1. FabricBond Original

FabricBond Original is an all-purpose fabric glue that works great for attaching patches to a variety of fabric types. Its strong adhesive properties and quick-drying formula make it a top choice among patch enthusiasts.

2. UltraHold Fabric Glue

For those in need of an extra-strong bond, UltraHold Fabric Glue provides exceptional hold and durability. It withstands frequent washing and provides a reliable attachment solution for high-demand applications.

3. No-Sew Fabric Glue

As the name suggests, No-Sew Fabric Glue eliminates the need for sewing while still delivering a reliable bond. It offers a convenient alternative for attaching patches to fabrics that are not easily sewn.

4. QuickDry Precision Fabric Glue

If you require precise application when attaching patches, QuickDry Precision Fabric Glue is the ideal choice. Its fine-tip applicator allows for accurate placement, ensuring a clean and professional-looking result.

5. Heavy-Duty Fabric Glue

When dealing with heavier fabrics or large patches, Heavy-Duty Fabric Glue provides the strength and durability needed for a robust bond. It's perfect for patches on jackets, bags, or industrial clothing.

6. Non-Toxic Fabric Glue

For a safe and environmentally friendly option, Non-Toxic Fabric Glue offers excellent adhesion without harmful chemicals. It's suitable for a wide range of fabrics and provides peace of mind, especially for projects involving children.

7. Washable Fabric Glue

When your patches require frequent washing, Washable Fabric Glue ensures a lasting bond that withstands machine washing without compromising quality. No need to worry about your patches detaching or fading after each wash.

8. Multi-Surface Fabric Glue

If you work with various materials and surfaces, Multi-Surface Fabric Glue is the solution. Its versatility allows for patch attachment on fabrics, leather, wood, metal, and more, offering endless creative possibilities.

9. Clear-Drying Fabric Glue

Want an invisible bond between your patch and fabric? Clear-Drying Fabric Glue dries transparent, leaving no residue or visible traces. It's perfect for projects where aesthetics are as important as functionality.

10. Fabric Glue Gel

If you prefer a thicker consistency for better control during application, Fabric Glue Gel is the answer. Its gel-like texture provides time to reposition the patch before it fully sets, allowing for precise alignment.

11. Quick-Tack Fabric Glue

When you need an adhesive with superior initial tack, Quick-Tack Fabric Glue is the right choice. This fast-bonding glue ensures an almost instant attachment, making it ideal for time-sensitive projects.

12. Waterproof Fabric Glue

For patches that require extra protection from water exposure, Waterproof Fabric Glue offers a reliable solution. It creates a strong and waterproof bond, ensuring your patches stay securely attached, even in wet conditions.


Sienna Pacific's fabric glue collection provides the perfect adhesive solutions for attaching patches to various fabrics. With durability, flexibility, convenience, and reliability, our fabric glues are the go-to choice for patch enthusiasts across the globe. Explore our extensive range today and take your patching projects to new heights!

Kummetha Reddy
I love Sienna Pacific's fabric glue collection! 👌🔥 Finally, a trusted and reliable brand for all my patch attachment needs. 😍 With their high-quality glues, my patches stay intact and last longer. 💪 Sienna Pacific, you're a lifesaver! Thank you for providing such amazing products! 👏
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