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We create digital marketing solutions. You reap the benefits of high conversion rates
Conventional marketing methods are not enough to make your business grow in this age. People are now connected through the internet and you have to create an extension of your business there. However, websites displayed on the first page of search engine results are more likely to get noticed by potential customers.
If you are looking for the top full-service digital marketing agency, M & C Initiative Media Group is the right agency to count on. We already helped many small businesses succeed by entrusting to us their internet marketing campaign. Delivering results is our commitment, and we let our output speak for the quality of our work.


Facebook Ad Agency

Multiply your business traffic with customized Facebook advertising solutions.

Pay Per Click Agency

Make the most with your pay-per-click (PPC) ads with M & C Initiative Media Group’s effective PPC Management.

SEO Agency

Land your website at the top of search engine results with our SEO experts. We help increase your online visibility by using the right keywords.

We hate SPAM too!

M & C Initiative Media Group does not resort to spam or any unethical means to temporarily boost your online presence. We follow acceptable link-building techniques and intensive internet marketing in Facebook and other social media websites. Nonetheless, success is not built overnight. We believe that it takes time for you to feel the effects of having a stronger online presence.

As a premier digital marketing agency, our team of experts only relies on organic optimization. This does not only lead ideal visitors in your website, it also brings sustainability in terms of hits. Building a lasting image while resorting to spamming does not work. This may temporarily render your website more visible, but unsatisfied visitors will likely never view it again.

Our experts test various keywords and select ones that bring your website to the top and reach the right buyers. Coupled with link building, the combination will increase traffic conversion at a steady rate.


We start by conducting a web audit to your website. This helps us know areas that need improvement and come up with an effective digital package. Our tracking tools will show you the current condition of your website. You can avail the following digital marketing solutions:

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M & C Initiative Media Group knows the latest trends and practices in online marketing. We are aware that internet marketing strategies evolve along with technology. What worked before may not produce the same result anymore, given the saturation on the Internet. That is why we continuously undergo training to keep ourselves updated.

Communication is vital to every project’s success. We want your ideas to be incorporated into our outputs. This also prevents lapses that may cause us delays or deliver a package that does not suit your needs.

You only need to pick custom packages that suit your needs without breaking the bank. M & C Initiative Media Group understands that you have other areas for your business to attend to. Leave the internet marketing aspect to us!

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