5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations

May 4, 2018
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Introduction to Our 5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations

Introducing our high-quality and reliable 5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations, a must-have tool in any healthcare or pharmaceutical setting. Our oral syringe is designed to provide accurate measurements with its clear graduations, ensuring precise dosage administration.

The Importance of Accurate Dosage Administration

Accurate dosage administration is crucial in the healthcare industry to ensure the safety and well-being of patients. Our 5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations is an essential tool for healthcare professionals, enabling them to deliver medications, liquids, or solutions with precision.

Key Features of our 5 ml Oral Syringe

  • Precise Measurements: The syringe features easy-to-read black graduations, allowing for accurate measurement of liquid volumes.
  • Safe and Durable: Constructed from high-quality materials, our oral syringe is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use while ensuring the safety of patients.
  • Smooth Operation: With its smooth plunger movement and easy-to-use design, our syringe facilitates comfortable and efficient administration.
  • Non-Sterile: The 5 ml oral syringe is non-sterile, making it suitable for various non-invasive applications such as oral medication delivery, liquid dispensing, or filling small containers.
  • Versatile Usage: Our syringe can be used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes, and home healthcare.

Benefits of Using our 5 ml Oral Syringe

When it comes to oral medication delivery or liquid dispensing, our 5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations offers numerous advantages:


Accurate measurement is crucial in delivering the proper dosage of medications or liquids. With our oral syringe, healthcare professionals can ensure precise administration.

Clear Graduations

The black graduations on the syringe barrel are designed to provide high contrast, making it easier to read and interpret the volume of liquid in the syringe.

Smooth Movement

Our syringe features a smooth plunger movement, allowing for effortless operation while minimizing the risk of accidental spillage or improper dosage delivery.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed with durability in mind, our oral syringe is built to withstand multiple uses without compromising accuracy or functionality.

Uses of the 5 ml Oral Syringe

The versatility of our 5 ml Oral Syringe with Black Graduations makes it suitable for various applications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries:

Medication Administration

Healthcare professionals extensively use our oral syringe for accurately measuring and delivering oral medications, ensuring patients receive the correct dosage.

Liquid Dispensing

Whether it's administering liquid supplements, herbal remedies, or other solutions, our syringe provides a precise and efficient delivery method.

Small Container Filling

The 5 ml capacity of our syringe makes it ideal for filling small containers, such as sample vials, ensuring controlled and accurate transfer of liquids.

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Alain Ane
This 5 ml oral syringe with black graduations is a game-changer for medication administration. Its clear markings make dosing accurate and its sleek design ensures ease of use. Kudos to M & C Initiative Media Group for introducing such a practical solution. As a healthcare professional, I appreciate the attention to detail and commitment to excellence in this product. It's definitely a must-have in every medical setting. Well done!
Nov 11, 2023