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Do you want to know how top-ranking websites reached the number one spot in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing? No, they were not on their websites 24/7, in fact, far from it. Their secret? They hired SEO agencies like M & C Initiative Media Group and took advantage of the Search Engine Optimization services that internet marketing companies offer.

You don’t have to be an expert for your site to get noticed. You can leave the dirty work and back-end nitty gritty to internet marketing strategists like M & C Initiative. With us working for you, we can help you snag the title “top-ranking website” in your industry. We can create effective strategies such as providing carefully crafted content strategies, keyword research, and link building.

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Unique Content

Search engines get intelligent by the day. Developers regularly change their algorithms to make sure that their users get the results they are looking for when they search for a particular product or website. With M & C’s search engine optimization services, our team can create and provide unique content that will be uploaded to your site.

This is because good copywriting and content will bring in more readers to your website which means increasing your rankings. Our content team will produce unique and quality content that will deliver a clear and optimized marketing message to your new and buying customers and to the search engines as well.

Keyword Research

Another expertise that we at M & C Initiative Media Group offers our clients is keyword research. Before we start our masterplan to bring you to the top, we need to start identifying specific keywords that your target audience uses when they search for products or services.

Our team will use the information you have on hand and more. We will also conduct our own research and check out the best keywords that could lead more visitors to your website. Of course, this will all be done in consultation with your team who will vouch whether the keywords we have chosen is relevant to your site.

Link Building

Link building is quite an intricate process. M & C Initiative’s team will work to build your website a well-rounded portfolio link that will also help you increase your rank on search engines. While this may not be an easy process as we have mentioned, our team employs a wide array of techniques that can attract valuable and high-quality links back to your site. Link building requires time and patience. Our SEO team will be with you every step of the way to make sure that this part of the service is achieved.

M & C Initiative Media Group is one of the sought-after SEO agency in the area. Our years of experience in this business and with our long list of reputable clients can assure you that we know what we are doing and we are the best at it.

We also do not just rest on our laurels. Rather, we continue to strive and improve our techniques. We choose to updated with the latest trends and tools that we can use to further improve our Search Engine Optimization services and at the same time stay ahead of the game.

Why? This is because we want to only give our clients the best resources they can find. Don’t forget to search for M & C Initiative Media Group when you need an SEO expert to work on your website!

  • Website Design. We create sharp-looking websites, landing pages, newsletters, email templates, brochures, and various online marketing tools that are optimized to attract and engage customers.
  • Link Building. We get your business displayed on high-traffic sites where you get more chances of getting noticed.
  • Content Writing. We produce high quality content for websites, blogs, email templates, newsletters and other marketing materials in order for you to get you message across effectively.
  • Search Engine Optimization. We employ various optimization strategies to put your business at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results.
  • Social Media Marketing. We get you in the loop on social conversations and promote your services on Facebook and relevant social networking sites.
  • Email Templates
  • Video Marketing. We produce well-conceptualized video presentations of your business.
  • …and more


M & C Initiative Media Group boosts your online presence and lets you enjoy additional sales due to high web traffic. Experience the wonders of digital marketing services with us. Our experts have tested techniques that convert increased hits to sales. We do not make promises, we deliver results.

We provide up-front pricing as we hate hidden charges as much as you do. Call us or request for estimated quotation by filling up the forms on our website. You may also contact us for free consultations. Our customer support is open 24/7 to assist you in your needs. We look forward to serving you!


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