Times have been rapidly changing these days. What may seem to be a trend last week could easily be forgotten the following week. Because of this, multinational companies implement a trial and error method on how they can reach their target market without the fear of being yesterday’s news in just a few days.

The latest trend to always be noticed by consumers is by making use of digital marketing. Old school advertising companies might shake their heads on this but it is true. Traditional marketing has already died and here are the reasons why we think so:

1. Traditional Marketing is slow and planned

A few years back, in order to launch a new campaign, companies would introduce their product through radio, television, and print. They wait for a few weeks to get the feedback from their consumers. Those days are long gone. Now, they conduct their launch through a Facebook live event. Immediately, they can already get the feedback from consumers about the launch.

2. Traditional campaigns are temporary while Digital Marketing is forever

We all know that the internet is forever. Whatever we post online will stay online forever. When people search for a product that they are interested in, they will not look for a print advertisement. Rather, they will search online and check out TV commercials posted online and other various forms of media related to the product.

3. Digital Marketing is more personal compared to Traditional Marketing

These days, people rely on their peers or the so-called media influencers when they want to try out a product. There is only a slim chance that consumers listen to what the company says about its product because they feel that hearing it from people close to them is more trustworthy and reliable.

4. Traditional Marketing focuses on the company while Digital Marketing focuses on the consumer

Gone are the days when a product is king just because the company says so, thanks to traditional marketing. Now, with digital marketing, companies have to earn the trust of their consumers – know what they are interested in, what they like and dislike, before they can introduce a product to them and eventually their company.

5. Traditional marketing is too straightforward

Before companies can claim that their product is number one, no questions asked. Unfortunately, this kind of advertising no longer works for the consumers. If your advertisement is too rigid, they will ignore you. To gain their attention, you now need to build a relationship with the consumers. Companies need to show them why they need the product, how the product will help them in their day to day lives. Once this is realized, that is the only time consumers will take notice and see what your product is all about.

6. Digital Marketing taps and invades the consumer’s favorite product – their gadgets

Most of the time, people are on their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Because of this new demographic, traditional marketing will no longer work. Companies need to strategize and see how they can catch their consumer’s attention. Digital marketing is the only way to go if you want them to take notice of you and your product.

7. Traditional marketing can no longer persuade its current audience

These days, in order for a person to try out a product or service, you have to establish a relationship with them and this is the digital marketing’s advantage. This is because advertisers or companies do not need to spend money on airtime or print space, they just need to upload a video or a series of videos trying to slowly build a relationship with their consumer. Digital marketing can inadvertently lead their consumers to feel that it was their own choice to buy the product and not the company. The relationship that was established through a series of videos made them feel as if the company was their friend, asking them to try out their new product.

There are still a lot of reasons why traditional marketing is already considered dead. The internet is here to say and companies should start embracing the fact that digital marketing is the first step towards the future.

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